Real Estate and Business Sales in Confidence
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Who we are
Hewitt Newton Associates has been in the business of representing the sale and lease of Commercial, Industrial real estate and the confidential sale of businesses for over 25 years.


Unlike other brokerage firms,  Hewitt Newton Associates charges no up-front fees.


All discussions, including pre-listing conversations and inquiries are held in strict confidence.  All buyers must sign a confidentiality agreement prior to receiving more than blind information  which does not identify the business name or location .  If the buyer is a competitor they must supply financial information about their company.


Pricing your Real Estate
We use appropriate appraisers to provide us with an unbiased, independent "opinion of value" using recent comparable sales and market information.


Pricing your Business Sale
We use either outside evaluation companies or valuation software to assist in determining value.  We work closely with your financial advisors if you wish.


Time-frame for Real Estate Sale
Depending on location, type and pricing the *usual sale may take from 6 months to 1 year (or longer if environmental issues need to be addressed or raw land is involved).


Time-frame for Business Sale
6 months to 1 year depending on market and industry as well as financial information and  pricing.


When is the best time to sell
Business: The optimal time to market a business is when your company has  3-5 years of historic increase in both gross sales and profits.  The least advantageous  would follow continuous or rapid decline.

Real Estate:  When interest rates are low or declining or the property has reached the end of it's economic income life or strategic improvements in the area in which the property is located have begun.


We pay all up-front costs for advertising.  We utilize our own database of qualified buyers, our linked website and numerous industry links to find a qualified strategic acquirer for your real estate and/or business.  When appropriate we utilize Wall Street Journal and other local and regional news classifieds as well as direct mailings.


Commissions are always negotiated with the Seller.  We are paid only as a result of a successful sale.


*The term "usual" as used above, defines property without environmental issues or other circumstances which may delay a sale.

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